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Fast, accurate, customizable plagiarism detection system. Ideal for universities, educators and proctoring.

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Stay ahead of the curve with our anti-plagiarism system, which will soon be equipped to detect texts from generative AI (ChatGPT, etc.) with a high degree of certainty. Ensure authenticity and academic integrity in the era of advanced AI-generated content.

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Designed for:

  • Proctoring providers and users

  • LMS providers and integrators

  • Universities and educational organizations



  • Process several hundreds of exam scripts in just a matter of hours, finding for the instructors only few highly similar pairs of exam scripts for manual inspection.

  • Extraction from PDF and other formats, text comparison engine, and visualization of results for analysis.

  • Because the exam scripts may contain legitimate common pieces, the final solution acts more like a filter: it locates suspicious pairs of documents that reach a specified similarity threshold. After such filtering, it only takes a couple of hours for a human professional to manually review 20-30 pairs of documents.

Plagiarism Detection System



Plagiarism remains a pressing challenge for universities and educators. Identifying suspicious exam scripts among hundreds is time-consuming. Legitimate commonalities further complicate manual review, requiring a solution that can efficiently pinpoint potential cases of academic dishonesty.


Solution implementation

Tailored for universities, Plagiarix swiftly processes large exams, presenting instructors with highly similar pairs for manual inspection. Based on Silk Data's advanced platform, it acts as a filter, efficiently detecting potential plagiarism cases, and allowing educators to focus on maintaining academic integrity effortlessly.

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The last major feature of the solution is visualization of results for easier analysis. Different comparison approaches lead to different visualization methods accordingly. Analysis of verbatim plagiarism uses highlighting of common passages of text (is similar to what text processing suites use to compare documents):


As a result of APT and Silk Data collaboration, APT was able to minimize the involvement of their instructors. Without automated text comparison provided by Silk Data, such analysis was impossible within reasonable timeframes. The implemented solution can be easily implemented for similar cases in education and professional training. Silk Data technology is mainly task- and language-independent, therefore adapting it to other use-cases will only require support of specific document formats.

Tool benefits

How It Works?

Run the check

Run the check

Once the documents are uploaded, the plagiarism detection tool will analyze and compare them against each other to identify plagiarism.

Gather the documents:

Gather the documents:

Collect all the exam essays to check for plagiarism and prepare an archive of all files in an exam.Upload the essays: upload the documents to our plagiarism detection tool. You are able to upload them in various formats (text, PDF, or Word documents).

Review the results

Review the results

After the plagiarism detection tool has completed the analysis, review the results. Our tool has several options to identify pairs of similar ones (cheating/plagiarism candidates): focus on different parts and focus on similar parts.

Interpret the results

Interpret the results

It's important to understand the context of any potential plagiarism identified in the results. Some instances of similarity may be legitimate, while others may be more concerning. Carefully review the results and consider the context before making any decisions.

Take an action

Take an action

Depending on the severity of the plagiarism identified, you may need to take action.

Note, usually the steps 1 through 4 will be part of LMS or online proctoring solution.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In the current version, it is an instructor's responsibility to decide if the common text in two essays is legitimate (for example, it can be a necessary citation). Adding the ability to ignore common text will be added to one of the next versions.

Technically, our tool, like all antiplagiarism software, is a similarity detection and text matching software. It is a part of the plagiarism avoidance policies followed in an educational organization to decide what kind of textual similarity is indeed plagiarism.

Plagiarism can easily derail an academic career. Educational institutions have a zero-tolerance policy for cheating and plagiarism. Any such allegations can lead to severe consequences, such as suspension or even expulsion.

There is no complete analogy that focuses on exams: our solution is optimized for fast detection of similar documents in large batches of texts. Most other plagiarism detection systems are focused on finding copies from online sources or scholarly articles, but not on fast cross-checking of large batches of essays.

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